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Precio unitario  por 
Pictured in Long Ballerina, Glossy

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Arielle Bullard

These nails are so detailed and she did it flawlessly! I’ve gotten so many compliments on them

Diane Bidi
Nails Executed With The Precision of Butterfly Wings

Nails are exactly as pictured. From the ombre, to the lines, to the butterflies, these are a very well thought out and executed set of nails. The addition of the black glitter middle nail really ties in Shinobu's Demon Corps uniform against her beautiful butterfly kimono, and as a fan of the show Demon Slayer, these really do what needed to be done. THEY POP.

Alexis Grafakos

The details are no JOKE!!! I knew I needed them when the series released. Then my sister got them first and I saw them on her hand and knew I needed them STAT! I’m trying to figure out when these are going to make their debut because honestly, I don’t even want to wear them. I just want to stare at them and put them in a glass display in my apartment lol! Of course ima wear them though! May need to order a second set for a display lol they are that pretty!