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How To Size

Here you will learn how to size your nails properly, without a sizing kit, in this quick guide!

How To Apply

Here you will find our quick application video, which gives you all the quick tips & tricks to a long lasting application!

All Our Shapes & Lengths

Here you will see how all of our shapes and lengths look on hand!

The Birthday Collection

Bold. Eccentric. Maximalist.

This anniversary collection is a compilation of all the things that I'm obsessed with fashion & design currently. There's chrome, metallic elements, bling bling & more bling, 3D aspects and intricately placed detailing everywhere. This collection is me expressing myself via nail art, and where I'm at in this nail artist journey. It is for the maximalist, but there are elements everyone can easily wear.

Thank you for 4 years, I hope you love what I created for you.