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Claws Sizing Kits

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Sizing kits are the ultimate solution for achieving the perfect fit every time. Say goodbye to guessing and hello to flawless nails with our innovative sizing kits designed to ensure your press-on nails fit like they were custom-made just for you, as they should be.

Select which shape and length of nail you would like, and you will receive one of each size in that designated shape and length.
Nails are numbered from 00 (largest) to 9 (smallest). Including half sizes in 4.5, 5.5 & .5.
Sizing kits are used to help you determine what size your set of claws you should choose for a perfect fit.
Please record your sizes from thumb to pinky in the format you see on the back of your kit and on the site. Only record the sizes twice if your hands are different sizes.
Please see sizing guide for further sizing instructions.
Claws Sizing Kits
Claws Sizing Kits

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Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews

Easy way to ensure your sizing is correct before ordering since not all shapes fit the same. Also scuplt square is one of my favs.

Erika G (Newport News, US)
Why did it take me so long??

Y’all need to get you one of these!! Please ensure the best fit by doing the ground work and getting a sizing kit! Especially if you’re trying a new shape! They are very easy to use!!


Concise instructions!


Super helpful to have this for ordering my claws in the future!!

Kabyy (Atlanta, US)
Life Saver& a Must Have!

This sizing kit came quick Af and was so easy to use its dummy proof. The half sizes come in so clutch too. I was able sized myself and sent sizes over in less than 5 minutes! If you’re not sure what size you wear? Go for custom sizing and add a kit to your order so you can get the perfect fit for your perfect claws

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