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Every obsession deserves a home.

Clawsets (closets) are your press-on nails personal drawers! Prefect for storing your claws in between wears, as well as keeping them nice, neat, organized and beautifully displayed. Medium and large size clawsets are stackable if you end up needing more room for your obsession. Processing time for clawsets is 14 business days.

Please be sure to select Clawset UPS shipping when checking out.

Free Claws/Free Clawset with purchases $250 & up

Please add the clawset to cart for purchases over $250, discount will automatically be applied at checkout.

Each clawset comes prepped and ready for you to add your collection into place. 

Let us know if you want a name other than what's on your order, on your clawset as well!


Medium - 18+ Sets

Large - 30 Sets



Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
K.B. (Queens, US)
Don’t hesitate!

I hate that I waited so long to get this. It makes the nails look even better than they already do. Classic way to store nails and it can be used for other vanity items too!

Asya Bullard (Detroit, US)
Large Clawset

I love my lg clawset!! I switched out my medium for the large because with larger nail size the fit is better; 1set per row opposed to 2 sets per row. Love the butterfly and sparkly decor too

Kay (Millington, US)
You need it!!!

Look, let’s be honest. If you are going to buy a set from Coveted claws, it’s gonna arrive and you are gonna get hooked on the quality and designs and you WILL order another set and another and another. When you do, you will need somewhere to store them. Do yourself a favor and get one of these! It is cute and convenient! Pro tip, order a bigger one than you think you need so you can use the extra drawer for cuticle oils and tools. Get it!!!

Alexis Grafakos (The Bronx, US)
Press ADD TO CART now

THIS IS WORTH THE INVESTMENT! I was hesitant at first because this is really the first time in a longggggggg time I have been super cognizant of my nails. I didn’t really think I would have sets long term because I was so used to the cheap store brought ones. But when I realized the quality of these nails, it only made sense to get them the proper home. It’s very easy to assemble your new sets on them as you continue to order more (because you will!). And the customization was really just the nicest touch! Also you do not have to worry about this breaking in the mail because Ashley makes SURE this is well wrapped up!! When it was delivered, the box was so big I had no idea what the heck she could have sent me because I had forgotten this was coming. But when I opened it, you can tell the care was there to make sure this came in one piece! Not a single scratch or lost butterfly!

Krystal Ramos (Lilburn, US)
Do it!

If you have fallen in love with this concept of press-ons just buy it! The ease and convenience of storage is undeniable. Bonus: my glamicure bags fit right in the bottom drawer...until I need it anyway