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Sizing Guide

Here are sizing instructions in case you opted out of purchasing a sizing kit:
What you'll need:
1) Clear tape
2) Ruler or measuring tape
3) Pen or fine tip marker
4) Plain paper
Step 1: Take the tape and place it flat across your nail bed, leaving some to overlap onto your finger for easy measuring and removal.
Step 2: With your fine tip marker or pen, mark a line along the sides of your nail. Make sure to mark against the widest part of your nail bed.
Step 3: Remove the tape from your finger and place it flat on the plain paper.
Step 4: With your ruler or measuring tape, measure the distance in millimeters (MM) between the two dashes you made on your tape.
Step 5: Using that number, match it with a corresponding nail measurement from our sizing chart. That number is the size of that particular nail.
Step 6: Repeat each step until your nails are measured. Measure both hands to ensure a perfect fit for every finger, as all fingers are not identical in size.
Match with a corresponding size (XS - L) and that is your claws nail set size
There may be cases where the numbers don't match up perfectly. In this case, make sure you are picking the best size for your hands. We recommend going a size up. For half sizes (4.5 5.5 & 6.5, we recommend purchasing a sizing kit).
It is important to note that manually measuring does not account for nailbed length and tapering that could expose your sidewalls. For an accurate depiction of what the nails will look like on hand, please purchase the appropriate sizing kit.