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Here you will learn how to size your nails properly, without a sizing kit, in this quick guide!

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Here you will find our quick application video, which gives you all the quick tips & tricks to a long lasting application!

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Send Nudes

Sexy. Sensual. Captivating.

Send Nudes is a collection that consists of only of shades of browns & nudes as a show of appreciation of the different skin tones we come in. This is easily becoming one of my favorite collections to design because it's one you wouldn't expect so much diversity and variety from. We all know I love existing in my skin, and I want to show (everyone) that there's so much you can wear and you're not limited in the styles, colors and designs you wear. For those who need a little time & for those who just love nude nails, this collection offers you a very sexy list of options to add to your clawset.